U.S. Travel Ban 2022 --- Update

U.S. Travel Restrictions for International Travelers

U.S. Travel Ban 2022:
Vaccinated versus unvaccinated

Who is considered "vaccinated"?

In general, the original understanding of being vaccinated still applies. So, single-dose vaccines still require one vaccine shot. Double-dose vaccinations still require two shots.

You do NOT need a BOOSTER!
"A booster dose is not needed to meet this requirement."
Whatever the travelers' home goverments require or recommend, for purposes of travel to the U.S., according to the current CDC information booster shots are not required.

Not vaccinated?

Although we are not aware of any upcoming policy changes with respect to unvaccinated travelers, we are optimistic that changes will come eventually. Over the last months, it seems that a consensus has developed that unvaccinated people do not transmit COVID-19 more easily than vaccinated people.

As of TODAY, the CDC has changed their guidelines in this respect. In their behavioral guidelines (see current CDC information above), the CDC does NOT distinguish anymore between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, which it had done before (see the CDC's December 2021 guidelines).

In our opinion, this could have massive implications for the treatment of unvaccinated travelers. If it is generally accepted that unvaccinated people do not pose a higher risk of spreading COVID-19, we do not see a reason to block our unvaccinated international customers from entering the United States.

Therefore, we think it would be logical to fully lift the international travel ban as soon as possible.

We look forward to having our unvaccinated international property owners and vacation guests back in Florida!


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