Travel Ban -- Booking Cancellations

After implementation of the U.S. travel ban in 2020, many Seabim guests from the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France and other European countries chose to rebook their vacation homes in Cape Coral for a later time, in hopes that the travel ban would be lifted by the time of their new booking. Since this has still not happened, we are now offering cancellations of all 2021 bookings for guests affected by the travel ban.

For over a year now, there has been a lot of speculation about when the travel ban might be lifted. Almost every month, a new rumor is spread by people who claim to know that the ban will soon be lifted and when. We heard from "insiders" that the ban would be lifted shortly after the Biden administration takes office. Afterwards, it was circulated that it would happen in May 2021, then it was expected to happen when German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited President Biden and now we hear rumors that the ban will be lifted in September, but only for those who are vaccinated.

We never bought into any of these rumors and we will not do it now. Of course, we all hope that the ban will be lifted in September; actually, we would prefer, if it was lifted tomorrow! However, as long as there is no official government announcement stating otherwise, the travel ban is still in place and the uncertainty with regards to its possible ending remains.

Therefore, we are now offering our guests from countries affected by the travel ban to cancel any existing bookings for 2021. We will only charge a processing fee.

This offer is valid until Aug 31, 2021.
Please let us know as soon as possible, if you wish to take us up on this offer.

After Aug 31, 2021, we will consider all bookings to be firm. Regular cancellation fees will apply, even if travel to the United States is not possible.

Our guests are welcome to book or rebook a Seabim vacation home for any time period. However, please be aware that all special cancellation options have ended.

We are looking forward to having all of our guests back in Florida!

The Seabim Team.

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