FLORIDIANS: Vacation Rentals Allowed

Governor Approves Opening Of Short-Term Vacation Rentals

In a previous Seabim Blog post, we were expecting that short-term vacation rentals would be allowed again between the middle and end of May. Here it is:

Effective May 20, 2020, after approval from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Lee County allows in-state short-term vacation rentals. We are looking forward to WELCOME all Floridians to spend some time (like a VERY LONG WEEKEND ... ) in one of our Seabim vacation homes.

Enjoy a heated pool and (mostly) great water views and Gulf access.

As before, we continue to welcome guests from other areas of the country for longer rental periods. At this time, we cannot offer homes to international travelers and guests from areas with substantial Coronavirus cases. The most affected areas can be found here (click on "rate", refer to the dark orange).

Towards the end of June, we hope to offer short-term vacation homes to guests outside of Florida. Here is the current Lee County Reopening Plan.

We look forward to seeing you ...

The Seabim Team.

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