14% More Rental Income

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Get 14% More Rental Income

In our experience, on average, participants in the
Seabim Vacation Portfolio receive 14% more income.

We challenge you to check it out.

How do we calculate?

  • You are currently using another vacation rental management service.
  • You provide us with the rental income that was actually credited to you in the last full calendar year or in the last 12 months after commission and booking costs ("previous rental income").
  • We calculate the future target income by adding 14%.
  • The "114% target income" applies to the next full calendar year
    (or to a 12-month period, depending on when our management begins).

The offer is subject to our evaluation of the property and whether we determine that it would be a good fit for the Seabim Vacation Portfolio. No boat management.

What, if we miss the target?

If we fall short of the "114% target income" (as described above), we will pay you 20% on the amount below target.


Previous rental income $100,000
114% target income $114,000
Actual future rental income only $100,000
Amount below target income $14,000
We pay compensation of $2,800 to property owner.

No compensation is due, if the rental income was affected by force majeur or extraordinary circumstances (for example disasters, war, civil unrest, market crashes, travel ban, etc.) or other circumstances that have lead to an environment that was different from the environment that existed during the time the previous rental income was generated.

Why are we so confident to generate more rental income for you?

Seabim guests know that they are our highest priority. Each rental party has their personal guest consultant during their entire stay to make sure that all guests love staying in a Seabim property. Whenever guests voice dissatisfaction with anything, we try to remedy it immediately, mostly the same day or within 24 hours. All properties are kept properly maintained at all times. Non-functioning equipment gets repaired or replaced immediately or as soon as possible. Additional help and advice is provided as well. Look at the comments on our social media sites or at the Seabim Guest Reviews.

Our outstanding guest relations lead to an unusual rate of loyal and returning guests. There are Seabim guests that are renting from us for almost 20 years. Whenever, we do not have a property available for these guests in a certain year, so they have to book somewhere else, they mostly contact us shortly after to make sure they can stay with us again the next time. Often, they even become more loyal after these experiences.

In addition to our very successful high-season rentals, we also have many guests throughout the low season. In large parts, this is due to our strong marketing presence in many European countries. In general, U.S. and Canadian vacation travel to Florida is quite limited during the summer months, especially outside of school vacation. For these difficult times, we have guests from European countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Seabim newsletters go out to over 30,000 people worldwide.

With regards to rental rates, we do not use the "one-size-fits-all" approach. Each rental inquiry is dealt with INDIVIDUALLY - No automated responses or calculations!

Our rental offerings are TAILORED for each inquiry to get the best possible combination of bookings for guests and owners. Booking gaps of under 7 days need to be avoided because the city of Cape Coral does not allow them to be filled.

We also openly favor loyal guests. This is not only in their best interest but also in the best interest of our owners as we already have past experiences with these guests. They are the ones that will be back even in times of lower demand.

These (and more) policies help us keep vacancy rates low the entire year. This has significant impact on the rental income as vacancies are expensive. Together with our "all individual" approach and various additional strategies, annual rental income within the Seabim Vacation Portfolio is maximized.

We are a family business. We are doing this for over 20 years.

Which services does the Seabim management entail?

Each Seabim property has their responsible maintenance manager

Weekly visits that include checking and maintaining different areas and items of the property (air-condition filters, refrigerator filters, spare supplies, plumbing valves, internet and TV-system, yard, etc. --- alternating, list-based)

Ordering and follow-up of maintenance and repairs (as long as owners do not wish to take care of this themselves)

Ordering and overseeing of service providers (pool, yard, pest, sprinkler, etc.)

Emergency meetings with service companies (roofers, electricians, plumbers, etc.)

Discussing "out of the ordinary" or more expensive problems with owners, including photos, if needed

No handling fees and no kick-backs

Preparing property for arriving guests

Resolving most issues for guests within 24 hours

Our "cleaning inspection team" drives to each property after the cleaning companies are finished to make sure that our next guests find their Seabim vacation home the same way they are used to: Well maintained and clean.

Keep linens, pillows and towels in good condition and replace as needed (as long as owners do not wish to take care of this themselves)

Maintain property's vacation rental license (DBPR)

Making sure that hard-wired emergency light and smoke detectors are installed and working
(mandatory for vacation rental homes)

Full escrow accounting for owner's funds (used for maintenance expenses)

Monthly and annually escrow statements (tax accountant/CPA)

Collecting and remitting of sales tax and tourist tax

Providing annual 1099

Taking care of all marketing (advertising, photography, social media, website, newsletters, etc.)

We pay 100% of all marketing expenses

What are you waiting for?

The Seabim team is waiting to welcome you!


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