Burrowing Owl Festival in Cape Coral --- Saturday, Feb 23, 2019


Always interesting: The annual burrowing owl festival in the Rotary Park. Flyer.


! Saturday, Feb 23, 2019, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. !


How to get to Rotary Park:

From Cape Coral Pkwy go south on Pelican Blvd., pass SW 53rd Ter (our open house), go all the way to the Stop-Sign / large fountain.  Find a parking spot.


The Florida burrowing owl is Cape Coral's "Official City Bird". Cape Coral residents love their burrowing owls and strive to protect them. Usually, these owls can be found on vacant land. However, as Cape Coral continues to grow and more homes are being built, the amount of vacant lots are decreasing. Therefore, more and more Cape Coral home owners dedicate a small portion of their yards to burrowing owls. See here how to attract burrowing owls to your yard.


When you want to build on your vacant lot that is home to burrowing owls, make sure to protect the birds as well as you can. Here are the guidelines for new construction, if burrowing owls are in the wayIf nest removal becomes necessary, check on the guide lines in order to apply for an incidental take permit for migratory bird nest removal. There is an online permitting system.


Before or after enjoying the Festival, come visit our  O P E N   H O U S E  on the lake that is only 2 minutes away. You can even walk from the Festival (10 minutes).



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