Sales Tax Change 2019

As posted before, in Lee County, November's midterm elections included an amendment to add a .5% surtax to help our schools. The measure passed (51.5%). Unfortunately, this tax already goes into effect on Jan 1, 2019. Therefore, we have to change hundreds of bookings that we already made for 2019 and our guests have to pay .5% more than what we originally calculated. Not surprisingly, neither our guests nor we are happy about this.


We are very sorry that we have to charge you a .5% higher tax for 2019, although many of our guests have already prepaid the full rental amount.


Some background information: The Florida Sales Tax is 6%. However, counties can charge a discretionary surtax. Until December 31, 2018, Lee county did not do so. Starting January 1, 2019 it will be .5%. In case you are interested in more details, please use the following links to the Florida Department of Revenue:


General Sales Tax Information

Discretionary Sales Surtax Information

Current Surtax Rates per county


We are looking forward to have you as our guests again in 2019. As always, all of us will do our best to ensure that you enjoy your seabim vacation home.


The Seabim-Team


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