Hurricane Elsa

Dear Seabim Guests!
This information is for our guests currently staying in a Seabim vacation home and for those arriving in the next days.
There is a possibility that Hurricane Elsa will affect our city. According to the current projection, the storm will make landfall as a tropical storm. In our experience (about 20 years), tropical storm force winds have not been a major concern for our area or our homes. However, everyone should be careful and take precautions to protect themselves and their rental property.
Please be aware, that in the days before the possible arrival of a storm, you might not be able to reach the Seabim team anymore. If possible, we will publish updated information on the Seabim News Blog
It is also important to follow all developments, including forecasts, news and advisories on the internet, TV and radio. Here are two examples of websites that we recommend to study:
1) Lee County hurricane information. Information how to prepare and specific updates regarding the current storm:
2) National Hurricane Center: Projected Track of the current storm:
Please follow the advice and instructions of the authorities, including recommendations to evacuate. If you have to leave your home, please let us know as soon as possible. In addition to calling or/and emailing, leave a written message in your Seabim home. Make sure to secure and lock the home before you leave.
Follow the precautions explained on the official websites and local news. Guests should especially be prepared for loss of power, internet and phone services.
Examples of being prepared:
- Sufficient supply of drinking water
- Sufficient supply of food that does not need to be refrigerated
- Full tank of propane for the gas grill
- Flashlights and batteries
- Full fuel tanks
- Cash (credit cards will not work without power)
Preparing your Seabim vacation home:
- If there are strong winds, all outside furniture and loose items need to be brought into the building, living area or garage; including dock, pool deck and lanai furniture.
- The furniture and items can be put inside the home or in the garage.
- This preparation can be done shortly before the storm is expected to affect us.
- However, we do not want our guests to take any risks! If you are not able to do this or if you do not feel comfortable to do it, we need to know IMMEDIATELY, so we can send a team to take care of it. Most likely, this has to be done several days BEFORE the ETA of a storm! We cannot be at many properties at the same time AND our team needs to be protected as well.
- If a power outage last longer, please remove the ice inside of the refrigerator before it melts to prevent leakage.
At the moment, we only expect limited impact of Elsa in our area; but, as we can never know in advance, we want to make sure that you are prepared.
Current guests:
Please contact your Seabim Guests Consultant with any questions.
Arriving guests:
We fully expect your Seabim vacation home to be ready for you. Please contact me with any questions.
We are confident that you will have a wonderful time in your Seabim vacation home.
Thank you for being our guests!
Heimo W. Langenbach
Lic. Real Estate Broker / Owner -- Real Estate & Vacation
Sea Breeze International Management Corp.
4306 Del Prado Blvd. South, Cape Coral, FL 33904