Helping the Bahamas

Tony from Stokes Marine told me about their support efforts for the Bahamas. They use boats to transport the supplies to the Bahamas. I would like to pass on what he wrote to us:

“We have a lot of volunteers and support thus far for the Bahamas relief.  Below are the drop off locations and the link for the go fund me page.


Requested supplies include (but are not limited to): Batteries, Flashlights, Tarps and rolls of plastic, Food – nonperishable items, canned meals, protein packs/bars, Work materials – screws, nails, hammers, work gloves, staples, staple guns, etc, Sleeping bags, Chainsaws, Water – large jugs, purification tablets, Household essentials – soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc., Boots, Generators, Feminine products, Baby products, diapers, formula, blankets.
Drop off locations: Stokes Marine, 15955 Pine Ridge Rd, Fort Myers FL 33908″

Here is an excerpt from the GoFundMe page:
“A flotilla of private vessels will begin delivery of relief supplies to Grand Bahama Island on Friday, September 6th and will continue through the weekend. We anticipate making several roundtrip deliveries from the east coast of Florida.”

The Seabim team wishes them all the best and success – Stay safe!

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