Florida "Phase 1" Opening On May 4

Seabim Vacation Homes Available Soon

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis started "Phase 1" of the state's reopening. Many beaches, parks and trails are already open. On May 4, Restaurants can open and shopping will be possible again (at 25% occupancy). See here for the details.

Governor DeSantis follows the Guidelines to open up America again, proposed by President Trump and the White House. These guidelines consist of several reopening phases. "Phase 1" asks to "minimize non essential travel". It is therefore no surprise that Governor DeSantis extended the prohibition of vacation rentals through "Phase 1".

According to President Trump's guidelines, "non essential travel can resume" during "Phase 2". Therefore, the Seabim Team expects that the prohibition of vacation rentals will end as soon as "Phase 2" begins. The governor said that he will watch the development of the incoming data, before he decides when to start with "Phase 2". He also indicated that he expects this to happen within weeks. Obviously, we cannot know for sure, when "Phase 2" will start and we cannot know, whether "Phase 2" will allow vacation rentals again.

However, it is the SEABIM-EXPECTATION that "Phase 2" will start around the middle of MAY (end of May the latest) and will allow vacation rentals.

Therefore, we hope to have our guests back in a Seabim vacation home in a few weeks. We prepared huge SPECIALS for renting our vacation villas in Cape Coral, starting on Day ONE of the end of the "prohibition". See separate post. We already have many inquiries from families, who look for the perfect getaway to enjoy a wonderful family time together.

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The Seabim Team.

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