First 2022 Tropical Storm

During our summer months, there is always a chance of tropical weather. At the moment, it seems that we might get our first tropical storm of 2022 on the weekend. In general, tropical storm force winds are of little concern for most of us. However, everybody should be aware of the possibility of higher wind speeds, rain, thunderstorms and street flooding and behave accordingly.
For the last days, the Seabim team has already been checking our vacation homes for loose items around the houses. Our guests are advised to take all loose or lighter items inside their vacation homes, especially before they leave their homes. Also, keep windows and doors closed.
Although we only expect minor or no damages caused by this storm (no shutter preparations), it is always a good idea to be prepared. For example, power outages can happen anytime. So always carry some cash and have enough food and water.
Please, use media information for updates on the approaching storm. We always use the NOAA website. Here is a link to this current “Cyclone One”:
According to the current forecast cone, we expect the strongest winds throughout Saturday.
To our guests:
For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your Seabim Guest Consultant or call the emergency phone number that you have been provided. You should still be able to fully enjoy your vacation home in the next days, although we will see the sun less than we usually do and you should not use the pool while there is a thunderstorm.


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