Domestic Travel Restrictions Unlikely

Anthony Fauci does not expect travel ban within U.S.

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Director of the "National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases" Anthony Fauci does not expect domestic travel restrictions within the United States in the near future. "They've been discussed, but not seriously." He points out, though, that all travelers should use precautions. This concurs with the information for "Alert Level 2" on the CDC website. However, travelers should use precautions during travel, which is especially true for high risk patients (for example people with serious chronic medical conditions). For more information, please refer to the CDC-Website information.

Outside the U.S.

There are several countries (European countries, Iran, South Korea, China) to which travel got a "Warning Level 3" classification. For "Level 3" the CDC recommends "avoid nonessential travel". See current CDC Travel Notices.

The Seabim Team.

In naher Zukunft keine Reisebeschränkungen innerhalb der USA zu erwarten.

Wie aus den Links im englischsprachigen Text zu entnehmen ist, können sich Reisende innerhalb der USA frei bewegen, wobei aktuell keine diesbezüglichen Einschränkungen abzusehen sind.

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