Last Minute Vacation Deals: 30% - 60% OFF


From July 22, 2020 until the end of September, 2020, ALL of our Seabim Vacation Homes are offered at 60% OFF for stays of 30 days or more. If you want to stay 7 - 29 days we offer at least 30% OFF!

Just email your travel dates and we will reply with the available deals.
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Private Seabim Vacation Home - The Perfect Place To Be!
Summertime is considered off season in Cape Coral, Florida. This means you can stay in a peaceful, private, and relaxing place to enjoy a fun summer vacation.

  • Private house with private pool and water views
  • Private sunbathing
  • Private boating
  • Private fishing
  • Beaches: easy to find low traffic beaches
  • Remote office:
    Seabim vacation homes have the internet speeds you need for working remotely.

Seabim vacation homes in Cape Coral are the perfect place to be during these uncertain times. Come visit us and spend your time in a fully equipped, private Seabim vacation home with your own pool, irresistible water views, and wonderful summer weather.
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