Vacation Homes in Cape Coral - Where are the Mosquitos?

Florida regulars know that mosquitos can be a nuisance in the evenings of the warm summer months. This is especially true for the Everglades, but also for Lee County. During the day, they seem to be in hiding, but when the sun goes down, it can make sense to enjoy the swimming pool inside the screen of the pool cage. So, why is it, that our Cape Coral vacation home guests mostly do not see many mosquitos?


And why do people on the popular beaches of Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach, etc. usually do not even think of the little bugs? An important reason is Lee County's successful Mosquito Control Program, which includes spraying of certain breeding grounds. Home owners or renters, who want to learn more about this interesting subject should check out the Mosquito Control District's website!


If we are bitten by an insect, which cannot be seen, it was probably by one of the "no-see-ums". They seem to show up only once in a while (spray and Off-candles should be used). So, most home owners or vacation home renters are not even aware of them. The University of Florida published an interesting article on these "Biting Midges".  ---- Heimo Langenbach, Sea Breeze International Management Corp., seabim. com.