TESTIMONIALS from US guests in regards to SEABIM house YALBERIE

YALBERIE: "You are welcome. If and when someone is worried about booking with you, I'd be happy to write you a glowing recommendation if there would be some way for you to send it to us and NOT give our email to a stranger.  I am very fearful of problems on the computer and wouldn't want something to happen.  When we began the booking with you, I saw some red flags that made me question, but thankfully we rented from you anyway and all was not just good, but great.  So if we can help, we'd be happy to. Peg" Family S. from the USA, Yalberie, February 2016


YALBERIE: "Due to some unforeseen circumstances this year, we were late in planning a winter vacation in Florida.  We have been to Florida numerous times, but never in February and we have never booked anything through the internet.  As a result, I was very hesitant and skeptical. After searching the internet for days, we sent a note to Seabim.com inquiring about a home in Cape Coral.  It was already rented, but Lars later sent us a list of some places that were available in January.  This did not meet our time-frame.  Lars was great to work with.  He sent us more information about a Cape Coral home that was available when we needed and it also met our needs for several adults.  I must say, everyone and I do mean everyone we dealt with from Sea Breeze International Management was wonderful to work with.  After arriving, we contacted Manuela, who also was great to talk with.  Manuela scheduled a visit the next day with our Guest Consultant, Harald.  He came the next morning and told us where to find everything in the house and gave us a map of the local area and suggested places to eat.  Every restaurant was excellent.  Our accomodations were beyond our expectations.This was THE most relaxing vacation we've ever taken.  I can't thank you enough...Lars, Manuela and Harald.  If we decide to vacation in Cape Coral again (and we probably will), SeaBim will be the first place we check!" A second feedback provided by Family S. from the US, Yalberie, February 2016.