Foreclosures down

Statistics indicate a drop in foreclosures (filings) in our area (Lee). The court system's backlog gets smaller and smaller. According to County Clerk of Court Charlie Green (see News-Press), there were 28,000 foreclosure filings in the system two years ago. This number is down to 11,000, which could be another indication of a more stable real estate market ahead. (see Seabim Blog Post). However, the impact of foreclosures on the market is still significant.


Seabim Vacation Homes in Cape Coral (Sea Breeze International Management Corp.) are not affected by any foreclosures. Our international guests (vacation renters and homeowners) enjoy the wonderful Florida weather - sunny, breezy, 81 F (27 C) and our wildlife.


Heimo Langenbach, Sea Breeze International Management Corp.,