Real Estate 2018 – A Look Back

September 29th, 2018 | by seabim |

(Vorläufiger Rückblick auf unsere Immobilien-Angebote 2018. Bei Fragen auf deutsch melden Sie sich gern.)

Let us look back at the “Seabim Real Estate Offers” in 2018. What did our customers actually look for and buy?

Two major trends:

1. Finding a very good location (8-Lakes area, etc.)
2. Staying in the lower price range for these locations

Most important criteria for location: Gulf access, preferred neighborhood, water view, rentability.

Often, price limits were $650,000 or less. In very good locations, this means less than perfect buildings; some remodeling needed or even tear down. A building can be changed, the location can not.

All of the following Seabim-Real-Estate-Offers had been featured in our blog and newsletters in 2018 and found their buyers (click on links):

Sold in April 2018, $500,000 (8-Lakes, older home):
(Now Participant in the Seabim Vacation Portfolio)

Sold in May 2018, $500,000 (8-Lakes, vacant land):

Sold in July 2018, $620,000 (Yacht Club):

Sold in April 2018, $393,300 (SW, Gulf access):

Sold in May and June 2018, $10,000 and $11,000 (NW, vacant):

Sold in August 2018; $200,000 (near Golf Course):

Sold in May 2018, $275,000 (Sandoval):

Under contract Sept 2018; under $450,000 (Gulf access):

In addition (no seabim blog offer) we sold the following properties:

Sold in Jun 2018, $932,000 (Cape Harbour area):

Sold in April 2018, $330,000 (Golf Course):

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